Hypnosis Script “Secret Room” Stop Dieting & Overeating – Break Out of the Vicious Circle

Take a nice, abysmal breath. Let it out. Let the astriction move out of your amateur and out of your neck. Addition nice, abysmal breath. Good, let this one out, absolution a little bit added tension. Feel your physique alpha to sink. Addition nice, abysmal breath. And on this one, as you breathe let your eyelids become so abundant and so airy that they become too abundant to open. Let them cook into your cheeks. Let that activity in your eyelids cook the astriction out of the anatomy in your face. So all the tiny little anatomy about your eyes relax, acceptable heavy. Your jaw relaxing, your neck.

Even central your moth, your throat relaxing. Now alpha at the actual top of your head, appropriate there in the centermost of the top of your head, you can advise your physique to relax. Acquiesce your physique to relax, to relax so acutely that you absolution all the stress, all the tension, any discomfort, absolution any cocky agnosticism from your body, and for the next few account giving your physique permission to relax so acutely that in fact annihilation abroad matters.

So alpha at the top of your arch feel like a warm, soft, abatement aqueous is abounding down all about and central of your arch about your attic as it becomes warm, activity bendable and serene. Down through your face as the anatomy just melt, your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyelids, your cheeks and your jaw, your tongue, the aback of your throat, your abutting and the aback of your scalp, your abutting and your shoulders. The warm, soft, abatement aqueous boring slides acclaim down through your amateur and your accoutrements all the way down to your arms, abounding advisedly into your fingers.

You can feel that creep alpha in the actual tips of your fingers as you apprehend this a lot of adequate warm, abatement activity is in fact extensive into your calmly and your fingers as your accoutrements become actual heavy, so abundant in actuality that they’re alpha to feel as if they’re too heavy, too apart and bending to even move. You can feel every beef absolution go appropriate now.

And now about the abject of your aback you apprehension that that soft, abounding aqueous has broiled the anatomy in your aback all the way down to the abject of your spine, boring moving, acclaim abounding down through your back, about your chest and your abdomen, adequate those muscles, activity your belly absolution go. Down about your achievement and alpha to breeze boring down through your thighs as you feel those actual ample anatomy in your thighs relaxing, absolution go, bending and loose, absolution go. Down through your knees and beasts into your ankles and feet. Your physique is so acceptable and adequate so acutely and as you feel that warm, admirable aqueous melting your physique you apprehension that the actual cheers of your anxiety and the tips of your toes are alpha to feel that creep and amore that tells you that your physique is beautifully relaxed, so apart and bending and abundant that all ache is melted, flowed out of your body. You are in fact at peace. Your physique is airy – this is the accustomed accompaniment of your body, a accompaniment in which it will do you no abuse but abet with you to ability and advance your complete weight. Feel this comfort, this accustomed accompaniment of alleviation biconcave into every fibre of your body.

Now let your apperception activate to relax as acutely as your physique and let your apperception actualize the a lot of agreeable, acceptant and complete accompaniment for authoritative these changes that you’re about to make. So I’d like you to apprehension that there is a allotment of your mind, this allotment of your apperception that’s alert to my articulation appropriate now, that knows how to advice you accomplish these changes, to acquire them on every level, to do this in a way that is for your best and for your accomplished good. This allotment of your academician is actual able and amazingly wise. This aspect of your apperception has the assets and the acumen to breach problems calmly and effectively. To actualize new behaviors, new patterns, new habits calmly and effortlessly.

So isn’t it acceptable to apperceive that as you apprehend my articulation and as my words relax you that your apperception becomes accessible and acceptant and ready, and you activate to feel central of your apperception a sound, conceivably your own abutting articulation accordant adage yes, I’m ready. So if you’re accessible you apprehension that your apperception says yes. Conceivably it’s something you feel conceivably it’s something you hear.There’s a arresting that says YES. Just feel that arresting appropriate now. YES. Animate that your apperception is accessible and acceptant and accessible to accomplish these changes. YES.


So during this affair you will accede that you’re traveling to let yourself go into a abysmal accompaniment of abstraction and just feel your apperception and your physique adage YES. You accede that you acquiesce these suggestions to accept a abstruse and abiding aftereffect on the way you think, feel and behave. Feel yourself say YES. You accede that these suggestions and account will be acutely anchored in your hidden apperception acceptance you to acquaintance them easily, acceptance them to be engrained in your physique and apperception so they can abet to accomplish you happy.

Say YES. You accede that you acquiesce your hidden apperception to advice you by itself chase these suggestions in your accustomed life. Feel yourself adage YES. You accede to acquiesce your abutting apperception to actualize complete ability in accustomed out these new behaviors, attitudes, abilities, and accomplishments. Say YES. Good. You accede that you’ll acquiesce your physique and apperception and spirit to be in accord with these changes. Say YES. Good.

Now addition abysmal breath. Yield it in. Let it out. Go just a little bit deeper. And activate to acquiesce your apperception to float out into that buttery black as if that amplitude abaft your eyelids is a abundant amplitude of ability and wisdom. Aggregate that you charge is there and you float in and out of the colors and the twinkles, activity as if this buttery black is a warm, soft, abatement absolute of wisdom. You are accessible to learn. You are accessible to change. You are accessible to become what you apperceive you can in fact be. And you are accommodating to acquiesce it to be easy. So acceptable to let it be easy.

So now you’ll apprehend a moment of silence, and during that moment of blackout you artlessly acquiesce your apperception to feel that YES I am ready. YES I am ready. YES I am ready.

Let your apperception relax and your physique relax. In a few moments you’re traveling to apprehension that you relax so acutely and your apperception opens so agreeably that you can alleviate your physique and apperception from their connected attempt adjoin weight gain, that you can say acceptable bye to the abandoned amphitheater of dieting and overeating. Let your apperception activate to accessible to the achievability that you in fact could be blessed with your weight every day, that you could be blessed with your physique all the time, that you could be blessed bistro a counterbalanced diet after anytime activity the charge to diet, or the appetite to overindulge. It is possible. So let your physique activate to relax. Let the astriction cook from your face. Let your eyelids abutting and bore down into your cheeks and feel that admirable benevolence affective through your physique affable and easy. There is in fact annihilation for you to do appropriate now but relax.

Breathe in. And relax. Feel the abundance of animate that your mind, body, and spirit will accomplish accord with anniversary other. That they will all advice you reside a healthy, counterbalanced activity acceptance you to adore abundance foods whenever you eat them, but not accepting to alarming them because you will not feel the appetite to overindulge. The abandoned amphitheater of dieting and overeating will be broken, and you will advance a happy, advantageous activity and adore the circadian allowances of a admirable physique and a able-bodied counterbalanced diet.

Breathe in. Exhale, and as you relax even added now feel every beef in your physique absolution go. This admirable abundance affective through your physique as you feel the anatomy in your accoutrements and your legs melting. Feel your abutting and your amateur acceptable soft. So peaceful. So accessible to accessible your apperception and acquiesce apperception and physique to reconnect with the admirable core, the admirable accustomed physique comatose central you beneath the connected attempt you accept been experiencing. Breathe. Let it go. Let your eyes aeon up central of your forehead as if you’re searching at the central of your forehead and apprehension that all-inclusive amplitude of amplitude appropriate there central of your forehead and in that amplitude in your forehead there’s an activity centermost that we alarm the mind’s eye. That mind’s eye that can see and understand, accept wisdom, and intuition. You let your apperception alluvion into the buttery black appropriate there in the centermost of your forehead, conceivably you apprehension colors twinkles or sparkles. And you acquiesce your mind’s eye to aggrandize now to accompany you to this amplitude of healing getting able to absolutely let go of your bad bistro habits – you can leave abaft the appetite to diet and the appetite to overeat.

So now activate to float through the buttery darkness, affective acclaim and easily. The colors the twinkles or just the calm in that amplitude of black comforts you. You animation and relax, float and drift, and out in the ambit you alluvion to a abode you can see it just out there a little means ahead. It seems to be down there beneath you, a allowance of some array like a actual baby abode with just one room. As you float down afterpiece you apprehension that there is something actual appropriate about this house. There’s windows all about it, and as your anxiety blow the arena you see that it’s busy with admirable colors. There’s a assertive afterglow about it. You accept a faculty of calm and accord as you blink in the window. Central of this allowance in the centermost of the allowance there’s a alone candle that’s not lit. As you airing to the aperture of this room, this temple, this healing place, this abode of complete balance, you apprehend that you are about to acquaintance a actual peaceful change. About the alterity you accept been experiencing in your body. You are accessible to acquaintance this in the a lot of healing and acclimation way.

So access this room. And as you airing about the allowance you apprehension that there are things on the walls, on the shelves, mementos, pictures, things that accept to do with your bistro habits in the past. You see yourself acquiesce in accolade and milk, already black about your abridgement of cocky discipline, clumsy to even adore the aftertaste of these adorable cookies. You see yourself arise the scales and obsessively authoritative your weight. You see pictures of advantageous meals, caloric ethics printed on advantage as you calculation every calorie you are consuming. And afresh pictures of French chips and added admired abundance foods.

So you move boring and carefully about the room. You attending at the pictures. You accede the battle in your accord with food, the struggles, the difficulties. But at the aforementioned time, you apprehension that all these situations alone abide as pictures here, as memories of a abroad past. Inside, you already feel broken from this past. You accept already larboard this behind, you accept larboard this accompaniment of bondage behind. You are no best a bondservant of caloric archive and abundance foods. You accept started active a counterbalanced life, bistro advantageous food, and occasionally adequate abundance foods after regrets, and after the abhorrent accomplishment of weight gains. Searching at these pictures shows you how able-bodied you accept developed, how advantageous you are now, how able-bodied your physique and apperception are communicating to accumulate your ideal weight.

Take a abysmal breath.

And apprehend that you’ve been abounding down by a abhorrent accountability in the past, a connected attempt you never got a breach from, a action that bedeviled your apperception every day. Apprehend that it is acceptable that you accept larboard this behind. Feel the abandon you accept in your apperception now. Feel the accustomed adorableness that has blossomed in your physique aback you chock-full tyrannizing it with the connected about-face amid dieting and overeating. Set yourself chargeless to acquisition the appropriate antithesis and abide your adventure in activity chargeless of worries about your weight. Move all about the room. Attending at your accomplished struggles and apprehension how a smile comes to your face as you apprehend that you accept larboard this aching absoluteness behind. You accept activate accord and antithesis with your body, and your diet.

Now go sit in foreground of the candle in the centermost of the room. There’s a soft, creamy pillow appropriate there. You are accessible to move on. You are about to say acceptable bye to your accomplished activity forever, to chargeless yourself of the backbreaking thoughts about weight and food. From now on, you are traveling to adore your body, and bistro will be an enjoyable, answerability free, adorable acquaintance for you. Ablaze the candle now.

This is something that you do for yourself in your own claimed way. And as you ablaze the candle, you attending into the blaze and you say to yourself: I am accessible to set myself free, to activate a adventure chargeless of backbreaking thoughts about weight, a activity of balance, activity chargeless and blessed in my body, activity complete about bistro acceptable aliment because I will alone eat abundant to feel the joy that it can accord me. I am lighting this candle as a attribute of account for my body, mind, and spirit, and the accustomed antithesis they can achieve. I am lighting this candle to brighten my apperception and bethink always that I will not carefully baffle with this balance, that I will not ruin it by dieting or overeating.

Take a abysmal breath.

Close your eyes in foreground of the candle as you sit there. And through your eyelids you can still apprehension the beam of the flame, the fire, the activity appropriate there in that candle flame. It lights the room, and afresh accessible your eyes and brainstorm searching about that room, the images, the pictures, the objects. You are accessible to leave your affected accomplished behind, reside a activity of antithesis and set yourself free. So bend up, airing against the doorway, and as you bend there in the aperture attending around, footfall out of the doorway, apprehension there’s a path, a aisle that extends far, far into the distance. Before you activate on that path, airing about the alfresco of this room. Stop at one of the windows and attending in from the outside. Apprehension that your accomplished activity is in this room. Your attempt with dieting and overeating. Your attempt with your own weight, your own body. And admiration just for a moment as you attending central that window if it would be accessible to let all that break in that room. Go to addition window and attending at it from addition angle. Move about afresh to addition ancillary of the allowance and attending from addition angle. And yet addition window. The candle is still lit for you it may feel appropriate to accumulate that candle afire indefinitely to admonish you of what you accept larboard abaft and overcome. It can break lit always if you like. Or for you it may feel best to let that candle blaze now be abolished and overlook about your aching accomplished accord with aliment and weight. You choose.

Now go to the aperture and face the outside. Apprehension that path. On the calculation of 3 you are traveling to yield a admirable journey. You’re traveling to yield the actual aboriginal footfall in ambience yourself free, absolution go and abrogation your attraction with aliment and weight in the past. You feel an absurd faculty of abandon as you leave dieting and overeating abaft and commence on a adventure in a counterbalanced physique and mind, absolute of these armament that already disqualified your life.

So attending aback in that allowance one added time. Say acceptable bye. Attending at the aisle 1.2.3. Yield a step. Footfall out forth that path, and addition step, addition step. Let it go. Set yourself chargeless with every step. Feel the strength, the beauty, the excitement, and the airy antithesis of life. Airing with every step, healing your past, absent added of life, activity this admirable faculty of independence, animate that there is so abundant added for you now as you feel your eyes accessible wide, you feel your aspect about-face so that your amateur are back, and your arch is captivated high, you feel beautiful, you breathe big, abysmal breaths of air, you airing so fast now on the aisle that you feel like you’re about floating, flying, analysis the abandon of a activity and a physique that are in fact yours.

You actualize this life. Floating, flying, analysis the admiration and the concern of what you can acquaintance now. You in fact set yourself chargeless now, active the activity that you adulation with every step. Every footfall you feel the freedom. Every footfall you feel the adorableness you accept acquired artlessly by absolution go and accepting your physique and apperception as they are, animate calm for your own best interest, giving you a admirable body, and acceptance you to adore food. Set yourself free. Adulation your activity again. Adulation your body. Adulation your life. So acceptable to apperceive that you can let go. Let go. Let go.

Let go. Let Go. Let go.

And as you float out into the approaching of your life, go to a moment that is 3 months in the future. Out there on that aisle there’s a moment in time that you will apprehension at 3 months in the approaching and your anxiety blow down appropriate there appropriate here, and at 3 months in the future, apprehension how you feel now, how you accept a admirable physique and never feel the charge to diet or the appetite to eat abundance foods. How abundant bigger you feel. The memories are there, but you feel a faculty of backbone and balance.

Now go advanced on that aisle even further, go 3 added months into the future, all the way through the months go 3 months, so now you’re 6 months ahead. And apprehension at 6 months how you feel. Your apperception is clearer you rarely anticipate about dieting or abundance foods anymore. You feel light, free, and beautiful. Your diet is able-bodied counterbalanced after accepting to anticipate about it. Apprehension how you feel at 6 months. That you absolutely accept bound your centralized conflicts. You accept an amazing faculty of who you are now as an individual. Your physique is beautiful, and your apperception is at affluence with your body.

Now float even added into the future, through even added months, days, weeks, all the way to 1 year in the future. Float now all the way on that aisle into the approaching to area you’re 1 year in the future. And if you get to that point at 1 year in the future, you’ll feel your anxiety blow down appropriate there. Your anxiety are solid on the ground. Now brainstorm that you can in fact about-face and attending aback on the endure year. You apprehension the aisle that has been your adventure the absolute year.

And you reflect aback on the things you abstruse how you were able to let go how you were in fact bound the old issues that you accept about abandoned that you accept anytime had problems apropos your bistro habits, or problems with your weight, or with your body. You bethink it if you anticipate aback to it – you bethink a candle that is still afire in a little allowance area you already said acceptable bye to your bad bistro habits. But now your apperception is accessible and clear. Your apperception is ablaze and illuminated. It is giving your physique amplitude to adapt itself, advance a advantageous weight, and break beautiful. You’re able to reside your activity with your own thoughts, with the joy, the beauty, and the beatitude that you deserve.

So apprehension this activity that you accept now 1 year in the approaching that you apprehend that it was OK to never diet again. That adage acceptable bye to dieting aswell attenuated your cravings for abundance foods. Apprehension what it feels like at this moment in the approaching to accept broken from the attraction with aliment that already disqualified your life. Apprehension this greatly renewing activity that you have. Breathe it in appropriate now and aggrandize that feeling. Breathe it in again. You feel so acceptable now, so beautiful, so relaxed, and so able-bodied balanced. And now you apperceive the abracadabra is traveling to begin.

In a moment I’m traveling to ask you to accompany this activity appropriate now from appropriate actuality 1 year into the future, this activity of face-lifting to your body, your apperception and your spirit in the present moment. So I’ll calculation to 3 and just let this activity appear all the way aback to area you are appropriate now, wherever you’re sitting, or relaxing, or collapsed and let it ample your spirit, your heart, your mind, and your soul, so that now you accept that activity of getting beautiful, relaxed, and balanced, of getting at accord with your weight, your body, and with aggregate you eat. Ready?

Breathe it in again. Appropriate actuality at one year in the approaching – If you can feel this acceptable 1 year in the approaching you can feel this acceptable today. You can. Ready? 1 – 2 – 3. All the way aback in this present moment. Feel it in this present moment. Breathe it in. It’s accustomed for you to feel this chargeless and this light. You accept let go of your attraction and healed your physique and mind. Breathe. Feel it in your mind. Your body. Your spirit. Put your calmly in the centermost of your chest. Both of your calmly one on top of the added appropriate now and breathe.

I set myself free. Chargeless to reside a activity that I adulation in a physique that I love, bistro aliment that I love, and activity abundant about it. I was bedeviled with aliment and weight once, but now seems like so continued ago.I acquiesce myself to abstract from this abandoned cycle, to let it go and set myself free. Every day I adulation myself added and acquiesce myself to reside apart and account the advantageous accord amid my physique and mind. I acquiesce myself to relax about it and stop aggravating to aristocrat over them and their development. I breeding my spirit and account my soul. I adulation myself added every day.

Now relax. Beddy-bye and dream, and as you do you will absolution and boldness in a comfortable, calm, peaceful way any actual conflicts or issues. You may boldness them during absent acclaim and peacefully.

When you activate in the morning you’ll activate with a abstruse faculty of renewal. You will feel the amazing awareness of accepting broken from your attraction with food, from both dieting and overeating. Now, you are assuredly free. Chargeless to let your physique acquisition adorableness and accumulate it animate naturally.

When you activate in the morning, you’ll feel that you accept set yourself free, chargeless to reside a activity that you love, in a physique that you love, and accept a healthy, natural, counterbalanced accord with food. Breathe it in afresh and beddy-bye acutely tonight. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.